Of your guiltiest guilty pleasures.

June 27, 2008

Recently I had a discussion with one of my friends about this page. She suggested “You should change your blog to List and Describe 5 things if that is what you want,” which brought up a good point I have yet to address. This is a totally interactive site so you are allowed to answer however you want, including simply listing 5 items; however, what will truly differentiate your answer from others is the personal stories behind them. Why do you feel that way? What made you choose that certain thing? Obviously, my entries will be a little longer than most, and not everyone will feel the need to open up quite as much. It doesn’t matter. Make your list however you are compelled to, since it is yours not mine. Speaking of which…

Wikipedia defines a guilty pleasure as “something one considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it,” which means that this must be the definition (Wikipedia is infallible after all). So here are mine:

  1. The Hills reality television show on MTV – It is so terrible and obviously staged, yet I can’t seem to tear myself away from it. There are literally moments where they sit there and stare at each other in silence. GOOD TV THIS DOES NOT MAKE. It approached guilty pleasure status when I started judging people by how they felt about the show. When my friend Katie was trying to explain to me what it was like being around our mutual friend and her beau, she simply revealed “They sided with Heidi and Spencer.” Not only did I immediately know what Katie was referring to, I also understood our friend’s relationship better then than I had through the previous 10 minutes of actual conversation. What cemented the status of guilty pleasure was when I was at my sister’s house and asked if we could watch the Hills. At this point my 14 year-old niece gave me an incredulous look and queried “YOU watch the HILLS?” This was right before she pointed and laughed at me in what can only be described as a mocking tone.
  2. Cyber-Stalking – From searching for you on facebook to browsing your list of friends with public profiles on myspace, cyber-stalking is a habit I can’t shake. What’s more is that I rather enjoy doing it. Voyeurism isn’t the the main reason I am drawn to this guilty pleasure (though it does have some appeal), rather I enjoy the thrill of finding things. Each time I discover something about someone I am searching for online it’s like a little gold strike, and for me it’s these little victories that make life worth living. Additionally, it is a good way to keep up with friends you don’t talk to anymore, as well as making sure they are still alive by looking at the last time they had activity. Even so, the most gratifying thing about my cyber-stalking is the information factor. When I moved to California there was a perfect example of this. Whenever I was introduced to new people I would immediately look them up on various social networks as soon as I walked in the door of the apartment upon arriving home. In one instance in particular, my friend Chad and I went out for drinks with a couple of girls we had met out somewhere. The next day I scoured the Internet trying to find any information on these two that I could. Even though I didn’t know their last names at the time, I was able to successfully find facebook and myspace pages for both of them. At this point I obviously sent the links to Chad while he was at work. Not only was he not in the least bit shocked that I had been able to find them, but he remarked “I wondered how long it would take you to find them.” Please understand that I didn’t actually extend a friend request to them until we brought up the topic in normal conversation, but I had already seen all of their pictures and enough about them to know that we would probably get along. Do I think that this behavior is a little creepy? Of course I do, because people can also cyber-stalk me; however, if you have a public blog don’t be surprised if I read the whole thing and reference it during our conversation. Sometimes I just can’t help myself.
  3. Soulja Boy’s Music – Despite agreeing with most of what rap pioneer Ice T had to say in his explicit laden rant, I can’t help liking Soulja Boy’s songs. Don’t get me wrong, in no way is he as lyrically talented as say Andre 3000 of Outkast fame (he’s about the worst lyricist that I have heard actually), but I’ll be damned if I don’t find myself bobbing my head to the beat, repeating some banal hook, attempting to do a series of ridiculous dance moves by the end of the first chorus. Even if you despise rap music you will be hard pressed to not crack a smile while watching one of the thousands of you tube copycats doing the Superman dance. Personally, a few friends and I devoted an entire day to learning the moves (by watching an instructional video on you tube no less) culminating in a very “spirited” performance later that night. What draws me to this music is both the absurdity and novelty of it. It’s absurd to think a high school kid can string together some nonsensical phrases and have people doing it everywhere from Division 1 football games to dance classes for children. In regards to the novelty, like so many talentless rap pioneers before him, it will eventually wear off. It reminds me of listening to Afroman in college and laughing with my circle of friends at how silly his songs were. Yet, we would play them religiously and were excited when one of us moved close to Afroman’s beloved Palmdale, CA. This is the same kind of joy that I also got in the late 80’s from listening to the Fat Boys. Hopefully Soulja Boy will do a remake of the Disorderlies before his novelty wears off. One can only hope.
  4. Dora the Explorer – Okay, first of all let me clear up a few common misconceptions people have when they find out that this is one of my guilty pleasures. No I don’t have any children of my own, no I am not around children on a regular enough basis to have a legitimate argument for liking the show, yes of course I realize that it’s a show for children, and no I am not a pedophile (even though I became infatuated with Natalie Portman when she was only 12. SHUT YOUR FACE! I was only 14 at the time). My fascination started when I was at an outdoor art fair with my friends Jamie, Jennifer, and Jennifer’s three children. As we were leaving, someone found these little pink Dora the Explorer sunglasses on the ground. Since either none of the kids wanted them or because I didn’t offer to let the kids have them (probably the latter) I kept them for myself. The rationale behind it is that I love the color pink (possibly another guilty pleasure) and they looked pretty funny on my face. That’s it. That’s the entire story of how I got hooked on Dora. Once I had these tiny little kid sunglasses, I had to show them off to my friends on every occasion that I could. The more I showed them off, the more attached I became with the character. When it came time to decorate for Katie and Sara’s Christmas party, I thought It would be hilarious to wrap the door with Dora giftwrap. They allowed me to go shopping with them so I picked out disposable Dora plates, so now at this gathering of twenty-somethings, there was a prevailing theme of Christmas cheer brought to you by Dora and Boots. Possibly the most remarkable part about this guilty pleasure is that I haven’t actually ever seen a full episode of the show. Seriously. Not even once.
  5. York Peppermint Patties – It’s not the fact that I like them that makes it a guilty pleasure, it’s the fact that I routinely eat a huge bagful of them in one sitting. Ideally, I’d eat them after they have been left in the freezer for long enough to harden and with a big glass of milk; however, this is not very likely to happen since I am lactose intolerant and try my best to stay away from milk. These are such a guilty pleasure of mine that I recently lived off of a diet consisting primarily of York and Bud Light. I would say that’s what I had for no less than 80% of my weekly meals. It was much better than you probably think it would be, that is unless you think it would be one of the best things ever. Which it was.

So what are yours? Remember that there are no wrong answers, only ones that I will judge you by. Just kidding. Kind of. List 5 of your guiltiest guilty pleasures.


18 Responses to “Of your guiltiest guilty pleasures.”

  1. Katie Says:

    1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    Beyond being self-explanatory, Buffy is a guilty pleasure because of its extreme violence, which means that I have to indlulge after my son goes to bed. I am at a point in my life where I have cut him off from violence in cartoons, yet I do love a good campy vampire show.
    2. Etsy… to quote its creator Rob Kalin, “It just so dar pretty and subversive.” I sell my pottery using Etsy as a venue, but I spend WAY more time on the site than is necessary. There are so many people on there now, and articles, and how-to videos, and crazy people ranting on the forums, its just irresistable.
    3. Nachos with fake cheese. I feed the children at my daycare, including my own a completely whole foods/organic diet. yet what do I really want at the end of the day? Cheesy nachos with extra jalephnos like you get at the movies. I tell myself the fake cheese is infusing my body with life sustaining plastics, just so I can live with myself.
    4.Vintage Sewing machines. I seem to be accumulating them faster than I am sending them to new homes. I find them on the side of the road, in thrift stores, and rarely online, take them home, fix them up, play with them, and then think about the fact that noone really needs five sewing machines. Plus, they’re very heavy, those beasties.
    5.Children. Thats right, my child is a guilty pleasure. I feel like the planet is over populated, yet I have a child and plan on having more. They are so much fun! Plus, don’t we need more people of a reasonable nature in this world?

  2. Brian Eldridge Says:

    1.) Zombie movies… I like watching zombie movies. As bad as they are, I can’t imagine life without them. It all started when I was about 5 years old and my parents (who were horror buffs) were watching a movie called “Night of the Zombies” also known as “Hell of the Living Dead…” I watched a rat bite a man to death. The man come back to life and bite everybody else and then the whole world goes to hell. There are flesh eating ghouls everywhere. I was hooked. Twenty-three years later aka last fall, I got this movie on Netflix and saw how badly dubbed it was. It was pure nostalgia. I loved it and hated it at the same time. From the bad lines, the ripped off music (they can thank Goblin and Dawn of the Dead for their music), the gratuitous nudity and even the terrible stock footage. I loved and hated it all… LOL So from that day forward, I’ve been watching zombie flix. I’m actually working on a group of short stories about a zombie outbreak.

    2.) I also enjoy laughing at people. Have you ever watched figure skating? Not for the beauty of the sport. But for the slips and the ass crunching falls. I love that. Watching a figure skater jump up in the air for a “stunt” and come down hard is one of the ultimate pleasures of my life. It’s probably because I don’t take it seriously at all. I know these folks work their butts off to perfect their art form. But I don’t care. I think it’s funny when they screw up. I think I enjoy the agony of defeat more than the thrill of victory.

    3.) I like proving people wrong. If you’re wrong and I know it, I’ll probably tell you. I don’t mean about your personal dealings or anything. But I mean stuff like when Michael Jordan got drafted. If somebody tells me, Michael Jordan got drafted in 1986, I’m going to tell you “NO, he got drafted in 1984…” I’ll also go on to tell you that (H)Akeem Olajuwon was the first pick by the Rockets, Sam Bowie was the second pick by the Trailblazers, Jordan was third by the Bulls, Sam Perkins was fourth by Dallas, and Charles Barkley was fifth by the Sixers… I don’t do it to be obnoxious. I just hate when folks spread false truths as fact.

    4.) Food! I’m a big man, and I know I shouldn’t eat what I eat. It’s not that I eat too much. I just don’t get enough exercise. But I love to eat. I love good food. I don’t like diet food, I don’t like food low in sodium or sugar, or whatever else is bad for you this week. One of these days, I’m going to pay for all those Wendy’s triple cheese burgers and those IHop pancakes… But for now, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of them.

    5.) I like to watch fights. I mean that verbally and physically. Now let me step in and say I don’t mean watching my family or friends fight (not in a serious way). I mean perfect strangers. Folks at a restaurant, at the movies, in Walmart. I guess I just like carnage. Yesterday, I thought two coworkers were going to rumble. Guess who WOULDN’T have been breaking up that fight? I just find it hilarious when folks insult each other to the point of coming to blows. There’s nothing like it!

  3. Danni Says:

    1.) Baskin Robbins Bubble Gum Ice Cream. It all dates back to my childhood when my dad (who was the best weekend dad on EARF) would take me to Baskin Robbins every time he picked me up. And I would *always* get a scoop of Daquiri Ice and one of chocolate. Now, that’s not bubble gum, I know… but as my adult taste developed, Bubble Gum became the preferred BR flavor. (Funny it took my adult taste to enjoy the kids’ flavor and my childhood taste to enjoy the flavor based on an alcoholic drink. Go figure.)

    2.) BBQ Pork Rinds. I know they are the fat of the pig. And I know that they are deep fried. But damn, they’re good. And they’re better for you than potato chips. True story. Compare the labels.

    3.) Dr. Phil. Yes, I realize that he uses those annoying, stereotypical Southern phrases all throughout the show (“My wife Robin looked so good when I met her, I coulda sworn she came with a side of BBQ sauce.”) But I can’t resist seeing how screwed up other people’s lives are just to make me feel better about my own. It’s similar to some people’s love of Jerry Springer, except mine’s a little more high class.

    4.) Myspace. Along with millions of other people, I feel guilty every single day for wasting valuable potentially-productive work hours snooping into other people’s business, and doing a terrible job at keeping my own secrets, all at once. It’s a nasty cycle, really.

    5.) Books. I have trouble paying my power bill some months, yet I never fail to take advantage of my book club’s 3 books for $33 special every. single. time. Currently, I have at least five books waiting on me to crack open their hardcovers. And while I know reading is an intellectually-stimulating activity, it’s the amount of money I spend to feed that activity that makes me feel so darned guilty.

  4. Top five, eh? That’s a tall order – mostly because I’ve either canonized my “guilty pleasures,” indulging in them with a clear heart (public urination is an act of spiritual pilgrimage), or expunged them from my system, so I can laugh at those who are still driven to partake (you like video games? that’s so cute. personally, I’m too busy whipping ass in REAL LIFE to need a vicarious avatar to kick ass for me, but I suppose I can partake if I become a quadraplegic, and my power armor is in the shop, and I need a breather from Murderball).

    1. The Real World: Hollywood
    I consider myself pretty jaded, regarding reality television. I watched the first season of Survivor, I grew up on Jerry Springer, and I’ve stayed up late to reel in horror at episodes of I Love New York 2. But this season of the Real World takes the cake. It’s a human spectacle beyond what I thought any major corporation could openly facilitate – with one exception, every one of the characters could have been carried off, shackled to a gurney. There have been fights, screaming matches, hot tub makeout parties, semipublic sex, interventions, petty theft, serious theft, sabotage, vandalism, drug use, violent displays, and assorted other deviant behavior. This isn’t real, this is a FREAK SHOW. And I’m buying tickets every week! I want to be the first kid on my block to see someone get shot on the Real World. I want to see if the warden lets the Real World cameras into solitary confinement. I can’t help myself.

    At least, I couldn’t. A few weeks ago, a couple cast members left – one was kicked off for shirking his job, and another left because he’d just gotten out of rehab and couldn’t handle living inside a 24/7 binge-drinking orgy.

    2. YouTube Anime Videos
    I was first introduced to these by my buddy Jason Lee, who’d compiled a “best of the web” video disc back in 2003. I saw them, and immediately fell in love – ADD-catering anime beatdowns, set to the tune ofmy favorite shitty heavy metal! I watch them over and over again. I call them up on YouTube and minimize the window, rather than purchasing the song on YouTube, so I don’t have to pay and can glance over at someone beheading an ape-demon while Rob Zombie bellows.

    Goku and Vegeta from Dragonball Z whipping up on Janemba to Marilyn Manson’s “Kill your God”? Sweet. An anthology of Vegeta getting whipped up on, to Marilyn Manson’s “Lamb of God”? Sweeter. Wrath vs. Gluttony, to the tune of Utada’s “Devil Inside”? It’s one of my favorites! Garaa vs. Rock Lee, from Naruto, while Korn’s “Coming Undone” blares in the background, demonic sand-fists ripping the world apart? I’ve watched it twice today! I suppose if I had better taste in music, or wasn’t so enchanted by anime combat, it wouldn’t have such a grip on my attention. But that is not the case.

    2. Watching People Eat Things they Don’t Want To
    Here’s where I leave the easy, msn.com-compatible Guilty Pleasures list and get into the weird and creepy. For some reason, ever since late in high school, I’ve LOVED watching people eat things they don’t want to. It’s fascinating to me, watching someone go through that specific, intimate kind of agony voluntarily.

    As you might expect, I get to indulge in this spectacle pretty rarely. I work in an office with numerous guys over 40, so there’s usually a rotating cast of dudes preparing for a colonoscopy (our art director’s actually out today for his latest!). Part of that preparation is the consumption of a revolting, milkshake-consistency concoction, and if they’re drinking it in the office, I’m peeking into the kitchen, giggling with bated breath. It’s not even malicious – I mean, if they’re really, really suffering, my natural human sympathy might overcome my joy at the spectacle, but that hasn’t happened yet. Part of the joy is that whatever they’re doing is unpleasant, but basically harmless.

    Once, in college, I told a friend at lunch that I’d give him five dollars if he ate a heaping bowl of the cafeteria’s thick, greasy whipped cream. He zestily dove into his task, but couldn’t finish it – so I got to watch him eat it for about five minutes, then give up. I didn’t have to pay him, since he didn’t finish – there may be no such thing as a free lunch, but I’m always on the lookout for a free viewing of someone punishing themselves with food!

    4. Pizza
    God, I love pizza. As part of my martial arts training in 2006 and 2007, I tried to minimize it – it’s one of the most unhealthy things you can eat, with little in nutritional value and TONS of fat and calories. Between the huge amount of complex carbohydrates, the grease, the fatty meat, the pound or two of cheese, and the tendency to eat it with hot wings and a tall beer can make a meal from Domino’s the negation of DAYS of salads and power walking.

    But I love it. Oh, I so love it. I have a Totino’s pizza for dinner every week (partly because they’re so tiny and affordable, at an undeniably frugal $1.50). Maybe it’s my ninja turtles upbringing. Maybe it’s my two years working at Domino’s, or the month I fed myself by defrauding my hated college roommate out of money on his student account ordering Domino’s pizza and wings. But it’s a guilty comfort food. I don’t feel too guilty about it, though – I mostly put it on the list to bump up the number of “not insane” items, and unbalance my last one, which is

    5. Vomiting Outdoors
    Gods, this is a commune with nature that will always hold a place in my heart. In a yard, over a fence, in the street, under a tree, out a window, whatever. I’m a firm believer that we send too much of our biological matter down the toilet – and if you’re not gonna process those nutrients and poisons (yes, I’m talking about when drunk), you should at least reintroduce them into the ecosystem. I like to think about my half-digested pizza and beer (see above) soaking into the earth, lending nutrients to the soil; granting calories and proteins to the varmints that nibble at it.

    I would frequently vomit in my own back yard, until a few months ago. My girlfriend informed me that waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of me bellowing purge onto the lawn was not, in fact, the cute and private act I thought it to be, and that it probably woke the neighbors every time. I also discovered that my sick wasn’t ever as liquid as I imagined, and actually left puke remnants on the lawn for days – I don’t spend much time there, so I’d actually just thought the lawn soaked it up. So, since then, I’ve curtailed this guilty pleasure heavily (especially since I stopped drinking heavily on a weekly basis, but it still holds a special place in my heart.

    To reconcile the sparse occasions on which I can indulge in #3 on this list, and my decreased activity in #5, I watch people puke whenever I can. It’s a pale shadow of what I once enjoyed, but it’s something. Again, I don’t do it maliciously – if anything, I’m overhelpful, bringing glass after glass of water (not just for the spectacular splash moments later, but because it’s also helpful and necessary to give some ballast to the gorge), and cheering them on, yelling, “That sounds like a dolphinfish thrown into the ocean!” and, “For the Fatherland!”

    And now, I’ve given Future Case Worker one more indication on the web that I’ve been this unbalanced and deranged all along. I like to think I’m a special kind of deranged, though.

  5. Angela E. Says:

    1. Karaoke. More specifically MySpace Karaoke. I stumbled upon site a few months ago and was immediately enthralled by it. It is like a massive train wreck really. You can go on and record your own songs where people can rate you and leave you feedback. Likewise you can listen to other people’s recordings and let them know how much they suck if you feel so inclined. They post new songs to record on there every Thursday (and now Mondays too!)… and I will literally get myself so worked up and excited to see what new songs are posted each week so that I can record. I consider this a guilty pleasure because it is mildly embarassing to let people know that you have over 70 KARAOKE songs recorded on a website… and that every single one of them was recorded while you were ALONE in your own living room. I love it though 🙂

    2. The 80’s. I love, love, love anything and everything related to the 80’s. Music, movies, sayings, attire, the extreme innocence and naivety that was me back then. I desperately wish that I was Michael J. Fox in “Back to the Future”… I would take my time machine back to the 80’s and live in peace with my perm, my violet Member’s Only jacket, my acid washed pleated jeans… and I would happily live a life full of “Desperately Seeking Susan” moments. Only I wouldn’t travel back.

    3. Coffee. Particularly overpriced lattes with a seasonal kick. I have a few that I rotate. But you can guarantee that I will not go a day without at least ONE cup of overpriced coffee. Last year alone I spent over $1800 on coffee. (I should mention that this year I spent another $500 on laser teeth whitening and now I only drink my coffee from a straw).

    4. Delilah. I woudn’t at all characterize myself as a loyal dedication radio listener… nor would I at all call myself a hopeless romantic. But I must say that if ever I am in the car at night and Delilah is broadcasting her sappy love songs on my radio, I can’t help but to listen. Sometimes I even cry at the gooey stories of lost loves, random encounters, broken hearts, and those rare moments where people make me believe that fairy tales do exist. Included in this category I should also mention my guilty pleasure called Michael Bolton.

    5. Game shows. I LOVE watching game shows on TV. It really doesn’t even matter what the game show is. I can spend an entire day doing nothing but watching the Game Show Network and I have on many occasion. I actually have incorporated being on a game show into my long term life goals. My top game show picks – Family Feud, Millionaire, 1 vs. 100, Merv Griffin’s Crosswords… but any game show will do. My plan is to go on one or two game shows and make enough money that I could quit my job and then be a game show whore. I could win all kinds of cool prizes like vacations, ugly furniture that I could sell for cash, new cars, and subscriptions to the Cheesecake of the Month club. That’s my absolute fairy tale life.

  6. Jennifer Hill Says:

    1. SATC – This is a new guilty pleasure for me, and for all of you out there who have no idea what it is, think Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. Yes, I mean Sex and the City. I had no interest in this show until a few months ago, when people started talking about the movie. Everyone has been raving about how good it is, so now I want to see it. I’m very anal about doing things in order, so before I could go see the movie, I had to watch the show, from beginning to end. My sister-in-law is a huge fan, and she just happened to have all the seasons on DVD, and graciously let me borrow them. For the past month, any time I’m at home, I’m watching one of the episodes. My house is a complete wreck, but I don’t care, I have to watch this show. Quite simply, I have become addicted, to the point that if anything interferes with my time to watch the show, I become angry at the interruption! I don’t agree with most of the things they do or say on this show, but wow, it can really suck you in. I have made it so Season 5 so far, and I can’t imagine what I’ll do with my time after I finish the 6th and final season. I guess I’ll have to start over from the beginning.

    2. GH – Another show that is completely irrelevant to real life, but once you’re sucked in, it’s hard to break free. I’ve been watching General Hospital since I was a little girl. My mother, of course, would not let me watch it, but when I was at the neighbor’s house, or my grandmother’s, or my mom was taking a nap, I would sneak around and watch it. I got so caught up in the lives of Sonny and Brenda, or Jason and Robin (the good old days) that I began to think of them as real people! I have gotten past that stage, but I still TiVO GH every single day. And, if stupid James Spann breaks in with a weather report, or they interrupt the show with “breaking news” (that no one really cares about) I am so enraged that I start yelling at the tv screen. And by the way, I now have my mother addicted to the show, too :o)

    3. people.com – I have my co-worker and friend Brittany to thank for this. As some of you (Roach and Brian) know, my place of employment is not so great. We find ourselves with a lot of free time during the day, and with wonderful Surf Control, we can’t go to myspace or facebook anymore. So, we are reduced to reading about the lives and dramas of celebrities, because it is one of the only entertaining sites we can visit (unless you like to read about sports, or relevant news in your area). I find myself compelled to check out the latest happenings of people I have absolutely nothing in common with, but love to hate (think Britney Spears). And of course, there’s all that eye candy (think Matthew or Brad). I have to look at Star Tracks every day, even if I don’t read the articles.

    4. Romance novels – Yes, I know, it’s pathetic, but I really can’t help it. With all the hard stuff we face in life, it’s nice sometimes to escape reality, and always find the happy ending. I usually read one of these novels a day, because as I stated above, my job leaves a lot to be desired, and I have time when I’m not on the phone to read. Once I start a book, I get really caught up, and I find myself screaming(in my head of course) at the stupid phone when it rings, because usually it’s a stupid customer, who doesn’t listen to a word I say anyway. Like, hello, I don’t care about your latest health problem, or money troubles, do you want our service or not, and if not, please GET OFF MY FREAKIN’ PHONE SO I CAN FINISH MY BOOK!!! Yeah, it’s that bad.

    5. Making fun of what other people wear – While I might not always wear the latest fashions, I know when someone else is not, and I love to make fun of them! It’s rude, I know, but really, what were they thinking when they chose that unfortunate outfit?!?!? They were just asking for it when they dressed that morning. And the worst thing is, I get my best material at church. I know, forgive me Lord, I should be concentrating on you at church, and not other people, but some of these older ladies have no idea!! My number one pet peeve has to do with panty hose. First of all, nude is the way to go. None of this Miami dark pantyhose, especially with white shoes!!!!! And really, please don’t wear pantyhose when you wear sandals or open-toe shoes! Also, please don’t wear socks with sandals or athletic slides (men this applies to you)!Ok, enough of my rant. That’s just a small sample of what I love to make fun of, even though I know better.

  7. Christy Says:

    1. Celebrity gossip blogs. Mainly the websites popsugar and celebrity-babies. I just love seeing what or who the famous, rich, beautiful people do. Also, it’s a time wasting acitivity for slow work days.

    2. Guitar Hero for Wii. I am not a video game player, but I can get sucked into this one for hours. I love it because am better than my husband for once! I just need a little more practice, and I think I can beat the family champion, my 11 year old nephew.

    3. Vacations. I feel guilty because I know the money could be put to so many better uses: paying off our car loan, contributing to my 401k, saving for the kids’ college fund, or donating to a charity. But, I just have to think of all the money I’m saving on therapy by renting a condo room by the beach twice a year. I seriously need a break sometimes!

    4. The Bachelorette. I have been watching this season with my daughter, who is pulling for the single dad of a 3 year old boy. It’s so much better than the Bachelor. I can’t stand watching 25 catty women fight over 1 man, but 25 hot guys trying to hook up with 1 woman works for me. Last week, I actually cried at DeAnna’s goodbye speech to Graham.

    5. Turning up the A.C. and sleeping under 3 blankets. I thought of this one because it has become an almost nightly joke/fight. I like being all snuggled up under a ton of blankets, and in the summer you just can’t do that unless you turn up the air and the ceiling fan. I figure it balances out on our electric bill because we set it around 76 during the day. However, my nightly sleeping habit annoys my husband to no end.

  8. Ashley Says:

    My 5 Guiltiest Pleasures:
    1. Watching the Young and the Restless…I have been watching this soap opera on and off for about 20 years. My grandmother watches it. When I was little and spending parts of the summer with her, we would sit down each day and watch these incredibly dramatic “stories.” I was talking with a friend lately about my fixation, and I realized that we regularly speak about these characters as if they were next-door neighbors. “You’ll never believe what ______ (fill in the blank name) did with ______.”

    2. OK, the second kinda relates to the first. One Tree Hill. I must watch One Tree Hill. If I’m not home, it better be recorded and the first minute I get home I have to watch. And I’m guilty of checking websites for spoilers…I have even been to Wilmington, North Carolina on vacation to check out filming spots, both the studios and the real-life spots. No, I didn’t stalk the actors, although I did run into one of the TV character moms at the mall one afternoon.

    3. Dr. Pepper…wow, I love this drink. I’ve tried for years to stop drinking soda. It never works…I am definitely addicted to this tasty beverage.

    4. Trips home to Birmingham…my being in Memphis for school has really made me appreciate Birmingham, especially my family and friends that live there. I neglect being “perfect” on school work and participating in extracurricular activities at school so I can protect my time and go home. Even as gas continues to creep towards $4 a gallon, I still travel home about every 3 weeks.

    5. Music…I spend way too much money on music, especially now that I do not have a real-world salary. I would rather not have a Dr. Pepper in order to download a couple of new songs from iTunes. I express myself through song lyrics, and I appreciate the value of good lyrics even if the music is not the best.

  9. Jamie Says:

    1. Reality TV – I love it all, Survivor, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, Big Brother, The Real World, love it. And thank god for marathons of these shows! When you are sick there is nothing better than watching Real World Seasons 1-68 back to back.

    2. Pop music – I love the crap, , rock pop, dance pop, rap pop d all of the above! You can mock me all you want but I will still rock out in my car to Justin Timberlake particularly since the mental image of him dancing isn’t a bad one either!

    3. Gossip – Celebrity or regular people. I listen to it, I spread it, I can’t wait to hear more of it. Is it embarrassing that I know more about pop culture than world news, yes. But that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure.

    4. Shoes – As a woman it is my divine right to own more shoes than I will ever need or be able to wear. It is also my divine right to buy shoes that are beautiful but so uncomfortable that I have to plan my night around them. And just because I am 5’11” does not mean that I will not wear heels. If you can’t deal with me at 6’3″ you probably still won’t like me in bare feet.

    5. Eating food straight out of the container – be it ice cream or cereal it’s more fun that way.

  10. Jacquelyn Says:

    1. Disney Channel. I cannot help it, there is a lack of wholesome tv, so I got hooked on it while babysitting. I watch all the shows, Thats So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Corey in the House, and the Wizards of Waverly Place

    2. Reality TV. I watch pretty much all of it from Flavor of Love to Hell’s Kitchen

    3. Karaoke. I absolutely love it, I have my own machine, and over 50 cds.

    4.Watching Wrestling. I still am a fan of the WWF (now WWE), ECW, and TNA. It is awesome entertainment.

    5. Reading Gossip Blogs. That is how I get my mind to work 🙂

  11. Mandy Says:

    1. In Touch Weekly magazine – I like to be “in the know” on the lives of all the celebrities. I buy it just about every week. It’s too scandalous to resist. I have a copy of this weeks issue right next to me as I type this. Seriously. The cover story (which has a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) “ANGELINA SPEAKS ABOUT THEIR CRISIS AT HOME.” Also on the cover “Spencer Pratt Spends $10,000 on Guns.” Need I say more?

    2. ABBA – I may be all punk rock, ever since the 7th grade, but I love ABBA. I love ABBA so much, I bought the A*Teens CD The ABBA Generation because the entire album consists of techno remakes of classic ABBA songs, and let me just say, it is amazing.

    3. Degrassi – It’s such a good show, but no matter what, whenever I tell someone I watch and actually enjoy the show, they always ends up making fun of me. Plus, Jake Epstein (who plays Craig Manning) is HOT. Oh, and I’m watching a Degrassi marathon right now, too.

    4. Eating “old lady” cereal – Frosted Mini Wheats, Special K, Honey Bunches of Oats, Raisin Bran Crunch…I do like kid cereal classics like Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms, but nothing beats old lady cereal. But with 2% milk. I don’t do that nasty, skim milk crap.

    5. icanhascheezburger.com – I visit the site EVERY SINGLE DAY to read the new LOLcat pictures. I crack up at the computer every time I read them to myself. It’s the most embarrassing thing to admit to.

  12. katie g. Says:

    1. NASCAR – I’m not sure if this one counts anymore, but there are certainly people who I don’t tell about my passion. I love the engines, the strategy, the cars and most of all – Dale Jr. – my future husband. The races are an amazing display of hedonistic redneck-ism.

    2. Romance novels – someone else already said it and I have to back up what they stated. It is pure escapism. I think the reason why I like them so much is that I am a fan of a happy endings. I read all sorts of genres, but I still prefer a happy ending. Life is certainly not always about pleasant outcomes, but romance novels are. It’s kind of a catch 22 because I like reading about them, but they make sad because I don’t have my own happy ending.

    3. The Two Coreys – it’s back on A&E. The first season was very staged, but for some reason I really enjoyed it. There is a little more angst in season 2, but it is still entertaining. It is a really great look at what will happen to Lindsay and Britney. Can you picture the show in ten years? “Brit and Linds: 2gether4ever.

    4. Strife in other people’s lives – This is a true guilty pleasure. I’m not sure if it is “pleasure” per se. When my life sucks, it is just nice to see that other people aren’t perfect either. I don’t want others to suffer, but I still derive some sort of satisfaction from it. Makes me a great person, huh?

    5. Being contrary – I like to argue for the sake of arguing. Sometimes I will take an opposite position from what I truly feel. I get a little thrill just being difficult. Boy, these last two reveal my awesome personality…

  13. Joni Says:

    1. Bubble baths – I never get to do them anymore – My retirement home only has a shower, so I have to go to a hotel to enjoy them, but boy do I love them.
    2. Practical jokes- Makes work time go quickly and brightens my day. Some of my better ones are wetting someone’s chair down and seeing how long it takes him to look uncomfortable, turning in my 2 weeks notice on April Fools Day, paging people from someone else’s pager telling him how I really, really like the way he dressed that day….the list goes on.
    3. Top Chef reality show – OK, I’m sure I wouldn’t eat the majority of the stuff they come up with, but I enjoy watching the anguish when things don’t turn out well.
    4. Dolls – Guess I didn’t get enough of them when I was a child. I love creating, painting, dressing them, etc.
    5. Slot machines – I know it’s stupid to put money in them, but the winning piece of it is just too much fun.

  14. billy Says:

    Again sorry for the “d”s but I’m too lazy to go in the garage and get out the old keyboard.

    1. Reality TV – Enjoy pretty much any show and typically catch the re-runs. I think I enjoy them so much is for selfish reasons. They make me feel better about myself and where I am in my life. We all enjoy watching a train wreck and there’s no doubt that “Rock of Love”, “Making the Band”, “Celebrity Circus”, “I Love New York”, etc. are just filled with personal train wrecks for all the contestants involved.

    2. College Football Recruiting – “Hello, my name is Billy and I am a recruiting addict.” I can think of very few things I do every day other than bodily functions, eat, talk to my wife, etc. But no matter where I am I will seek out a computer and check BamaOnline for the latest on Alabama sports and football recruiting. I will even spend time after National Signing Day in February statistically breaking down the class for the University and how it ranks and trends compared to former classes of other major universities.

    3. Sweet Tea & Coke – I cannot think of a day in my adult life where I have not had sweet tea. I refuse to move out of the South due to the lack of these items in other parts of the country. Using sugar in alreay iced tea is not the same. Trying to push Pepsi over as the same as Coke is oppressive. Yankee water could never and will never replace Coke. Think about it. Do you ask for a rum & Pepsi or a Jack & Pepsi? I think not.

    4. Pork Ribs – There is no better food out there than slow smoked pork ribs with a sweet ketchup based barbeque sauce. Take the time to remove the fascia film covering the meat. Rub down with Lowry’s, cracked black pepper, and dark brown sugar. Smoke for about 4-5 hours with hickory and apple wood. The meat should fall off the bone and melts in your mouth. It is Heaven on Earth. I realize this addiction to pork may be offensive to some but I truly cannot understand the bastardization of pork by some. I understand its genesis hundreds of years ago when, due to the lack of adequate refridgeration, bad pork could kill you. But in modern society you have no reason not to eat port. You don’t know what you’re missing.

    5. South Park – I think I have seen or own pretty much every episode of the past 12 seasons. It is hands down the best social commentary and satire. The best thing about it is there is always a message.

  15. Katy Says:

    1. Sex and the City – an entirely new guilty pleasure. My guilt comes from the fact I didn’t realize what a fabulous show this is years ago.

    2. Tiramisu from Whole Foods – this stuff is completely not on my diet (allergic to wheat), but I can’t help myself from purchasing (and consuming) one of the single serve containers any time I’m in the store.

    3. Books – Romance, Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Cookbooks, you name it. I realized just how many books I have when I signed up for LibraryThing and could come up with 200 off the top of my head that are actually in my apartment – and that wasn’t all of them. I physically have bad reactions when I try to shrink my collection.

    4. Celebrity Gossip…there is no end to my shame….

    5. Netflix – so I can watch all those cheesy, made for tv movies in the comfort of my own home.

  16. Michelle Says:

    1. Martha Stewart’s bloody well fantastic, type-A magazine, Martha Stewart Living. I hate her and love her and it’s a tense relationship. But, yes, I have a subscription and it pays for itself a dozen times over every month. I rarely do what she tells me to do, but her magazine gives me a lot of ideas.

    2. I must list books, as well. Reading for pleasure is a luxury. Even so, I try to do it every day, even if I only get through 10 pages of a book. I always feel a little guilty, because I there’s always something else I should probably do instead. More specifically, Bridget Jones’ Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason are guilty pleasure books I enjoy. I find them WAY more hysterical than is warranted, most likely because I share the same tendency Bridget has to detach from reality and be distracted by ridiculous emotional fantasies.

    3. Having packages delivered to me. For some reason I can’t name, I feel like I’m getting away with something here. Maybe it is like getting an undeserved or unexpected present…

    4. Massages. I would pay someone to rub my back for an hour every day if I had the money. I only get a massage about once a year, but I always feel a little guilty for not spending the money on something more obviously practical, or at least charitable.

    5. Whole milk. Every other milk is just white water by comparison. Despite numerous attempts to convert to 2% and soy, whole milk is all I care for. I have converted to organic whole milk, though it remains as fatty as the old hormone-laden whole milk.

  17. bess Says:

    1. Horror Movies – I love ’em. I was raised on ’em. Used to sneak over to Mac McCrary’s house to binge on caffeinated beverages and Stephen King. And Wes Craven and John Carpenter and George A. Romero. Now I even indulge in bullshit like “Valentine” and “The Eye.” A couple weeks ago I had this exchange:

    THEM: Do you want to watch “Badlands?”
    ME: No, “Prom Night” is out!

    My recent favorite: “The Strangers.” The last time I screamed like that in a movie theatre was shortly after the Regal Cinemas manager refused to refund the money I spent on “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.”

    2. Ice Cream – Speaking from experience, it is possible to live for at least 3 months on nothing but Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. (No guarantee on the sustaining power of their other flavors.)

    3. School Supplies – The guilty part is I buy them because they make me feel organized. I don’t actually use them to be organized. In reality, all school supplies do for me is cost money and take up space. Oh, well, they do smell good. If school supplies were perfumes they’d come in scents like “professionalism” and “potential.” Or “abundantly adequate” if we’re talking about the cheap econo-packs of Bic pens.

    4. Staying Up Late – My most creative hours are the wee small ones. Partly because it’s quiet, but mainly because no one’s around. I’m too self-conscious to write around people, even people I know. It’s like wearing a skirt without underoos. I can’t enjoy the freedom because I’m too afraid somebody will see something.

    5. Listening To An Entire Conversation Somebody Sitting Near Me In A Restaurant Is Having And Then Mocking Them Until They Get Up And Leave –
    This one sounds much worse than it is.
    A) I don’t eavesdrop on the entire conversation if the first tidbit I accidently overheard isn’t stupid enough to warrant mocking
    B) The people get up and leave because they’re done eating, not because I offended them. I only mock loud enough for the person sitting directly across from me to hear.

  18. Dallas Says:

    1. Dinosaurs. Not sure why, but who says a 16 yr old cant love dinosaurs like a first grader?

    2. 80s. It would be fun to grow up in. Dont judge 🙂

    3. Tehno music. People dont like listening to it, but who cares?

    4. Eavesdropping. Its annoying, but do it right and youll have tons of fun lol

    5. Listening to music at defening volumes. Its bad, but its music. Why not be loud?

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