Historical figures you’d like to meet.

September 12, 2008

While I took a humorous approach don’t feel as if you have to. I am eagerly anticipating the answer from my friends who  actually teach History, and one who studied it in grad school. Don’t disappoint me. You may recognize the music if you watch Adult Swim.

List 5 historical figures you’d like to meet.


9 Responses to “Historical figures you’d like to meet.”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Okay, here’s my five. Samuel Clemens, true humorist. Robert E. Lee, a military mind. Madame Curie-a pioneer in a field normally denied to a woman in her era. Stalin- a truly evil person who killed more humans than Hitler (I’d like him to remain caged during our meeting.) & G.R. Clark of Lewis and Clark These folks range from those easy to view humorously to some tuffies.

  2. lena Says:

    1. Aldous Motherfucking Huxley.

    2. Emma Goldman – because they’re ain’t no party like a Communist Party 🙂

    3. Vladimir Nabokov – because I like catching butterflies too.

    4. Ed Gein – because for Halloween, I had an apron made of human parts. And because I’d like to do a case study.

    5. Shirley Jackson – Lottery. Lottery. Lottery.

  3. Daniel W. Warren Says:

    #1 Hunter S. Thompson

    #2 Benjamin Franklin

    #3 Nikolai Tesla

    #4 Friedrich Nietzsche

    #5 Hugues de Payens

  4. Derrick Says:

    1. Jesus: I just want to see what all the hype is about.
    2. Lee Harvey Oswald: So I can find out who he was working with.
    3. The guy who directed the moon landing film: How did he make that so believable?
    4. William Howard Taft: I want to shake his big, fat hand and ask him if that story about the bath tub is true.
    5. Nero: Just because he was a crazy bastard.

  5. Brian Eldridge Says:

    1.) Malcolm X – I just want to see how militant this dude could be. He seemed like a real cool dude, but he also seemed like if somebody wronged him he’s put them in their place.

    2.) Jesus – Hey, I believe the Bible and it’s concepts. Meeting Jesus would be the ultimate thing.

    3.) Noah – Because I want to know how he got all those animals on that ark. That’s a LOT of animals for one boat. And I need help with organizing. LOL

    4.) The Rockefellers – Because them jokers made money. They knew how to flip a couple of dollars. That’s yet another thing I need help with!

    5.) Jimi Hendrix – I think he was so talented. But he also seemed like a nice person who was misunderstood. There was just something cool about him.

  6. billy Says:

    1. OJ Simpson and Charles Manson- In a controlled environment of course. I know you may think to yourself that these are two individuals. Yes, but they are one in the same to me. The only difference is OJ used to sign autographs (that is before he had his most recent “episode”) and Charlie gets to meet Geraldo every once in a while. I just want to know how it feels to get away with probably the most publicized murders of the last 50 years and only one be in prison. If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit. I bet Charlie wishes good ole Johnny C. would have taken his case.

    2. Elvis – You know you’d have a good time. Booze, women, drugs, more booze, and lots of food. Sign me up. I would just like to know, even if for one fleeting second, how it feels to have thousands of women scream you name, cry at your feet, and throw their undergarments at you.

    3. Doc Holliday – The only catch is I want to meet the Val Kilmer version from Tombstone and not the Dennis Quaid one from Wyatt Earp. I know beggers can’t be choosers but it’s my list of 5 damnit.

    After this I’m good. Patton, Hitler, MLK, Jesus, Mary, etc. would be cool but I think I’d like to call it a day after partying with Elvis. Unless those 5 want to come party with me & Elvis. Then add them to the list. I’ve always wanted to ask Mary about that whole immaculate conception thing.

  7. Katy Says:

    1. Marie Antoinette – just to see if she was as spoiled as history tends to portray her. I’m inclined to think not.
    2. Humphrey Bogart – I’ve been facinated with him ever since reading Lauren Bacall’s autobiography ‘By Myself’
    3. King Arthur – who wouldn’t like to know if he truely existed.
    4. Jane Austin – I’m a girl, do I really need to explain myself on this one?
    5. Jack-the-Ripper – caged of course. It would interesting to meet the guy that has managed to elude having his identity uncovered to this day.

  8. mikeray Says:

    1) Alexander Hamilton – He was an arrogant prick. I tend to like arrogant prick’s, especially one’s that organize a whole damn nation’s economy and DON’T screw it up. And have the nation’s first political sex scandal. “Publish and be damned,” he told his blackmailers.

    2) Benjamin Franklin – Of all the founding fathers he was clearly the most fun. I hope I can be as much fun when I’m 70 as he was. Always scandalizing poor John Adams.

    3) Winston Churchill – what amazing speeches and guts. and apparently he liked to imbibe quite a bit.

    4) Ulysses S. Grant – One of our greatest Generals and worst Presidents. He saved the Union. I’m a Grant man, and it drives the southern civil war buffs nuts.

    5) Theodore Roosevelt – He was just amazing. Sick in bed with stomach problems & asthma one day, climbing a mountain the next. Sleeping in the pouring rain on the range in South Dakota, “This is just capital!” He could have whipped any President we’ve had, or died trying.

  9. Tim White Says:

    Old post, but I want to answer; Julius Caesar. IMO, there isn’t a much better example of a person who combines limitless potential, ambition, and action. He has to be one of the highest functioning people in the history of western civilization. There’s a famous story of Caesar visiting a temple to Alexander the Great, and weeping because at 31 (Caesar was around 39 @ the time). Alexander had conquered the known world. If I could have talked to him then, I would tell him not to beat himself up too much. Alexander may have conquered the world, but his empire only lasted for a few decades. The post republican roman world was put back on track by Caesar, after a century of almost constant civil war, and it’s power not only lasted for another 500 years (1500 years if you wantto include the eastern empire, and still is going strong if you want to consider the Roman Catholic Church as an extension of the empire), but it grew in power and size up too Trajan (my favorite Caesar, combined the military prowess of the greatest general, the steady hand of a Cyrus the great and governing instincts of Augustus).

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