College football predictions/observations.

September 13, 2008

Saturday means I will be spending the majority of today watching the wonderful bliss that is college football. Here are my fearless predictions (and observations) about the sport:

  1. The winner of the Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt game will play in Atlanta for the SEC championship.
  2. Conference USA will finish with 3 teams better than any of the ACC teams.
  3. Whoever wins the Big East shouldn’t be too excited. It’s like winning a weight lifting competition in jail. Sure it’s an accomplishment, but any way you dice it the fact remains you are still in jail.
  4. There are 11 teams in the Big 10. This, not Large Hadron Collider, will cause a large amount of tiny black holes when enough people try to figure out what they will call the league if they expand to 12 teams.
  5. Duke will win more games than Notre Dame, yet Charlie Weiss will get a new 30 year extension paying him $400 million dollars. Hey, a guy can hope can’t he?

I will elaborate on my list later in the day once I am done watching the games. Hell, I may even change it depending how things playout in today’s games. Until then, List 5 college football predictions/observations.

Oh, and for you non football people (for shame) here is an informative rap video about the LHC. Enjoy.


One Response to “College football predictions/observations.”

  1. Brian Eldridge Says:

    1.) USC will win the BCS championship game by 30 points over whoever they play.

    2.) Michigan will not go to a bowl this year, breaking their 30 plus year streak.

    3.) The Heisman Trophy winner won’t have a memorable season aside from the trophy.

    4.) Whoever the ACC sends to the Sugar Bowl will be defeated by four touchdowns.

    5.) Collectively, the Big East will have the worst overall record in BCS History.

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