Lists you’d like to see.

September 27, 2008

For three months I have been listing things that come to mind and I have more than 100 topics that lie in waiting. Even so, I am interested in knowing what suggestions you have for possible future lists. List them here. If I like it I’ll turn it into a list, and put your list on the front page instead of in the comments (fancy). So List 5 lists you’d like to see.


9 Responses to “Lists you’d like to see.”

  1. Brian Eldridge Says:

    1.) List your five favorite alcoholic beverages

    2.) List your five favorite hobbies/activities

    3.) List your five worst habits (I don’t think you’ve done this one)

    That’s all I’ve got right now.

  2. mikeray Says:

    Favorite Places
    Best excuses
    Favorite quotes
    Best motivational thoughts/systems/ideas
    Long-term goals
    Unusual things you’d realistically like to do
    – (I guess the dreams one was close to this)

  3. Angela E. Says:

    Compulsive/strange habits that you have

    Man crushes/girl crushes

    Cool jobs you wish you had

    Jobs you could never lower yourself to do

    Places you’d love to vacation

  4. billy Says:

    5 needed charcteristics of a mate/friend

    5 things you’ve learned from: a) hip hop/rap, b) country, c) pop

    5 favorite of the Deadly Sins and Why

    5 possessions you will take to the grave

  5. Dillon Lee Says:

    Just phoning it in, huh? Let me learn by your dedicated example:

    1- List 5 questions you never want to answer from the blog List5.
    2- List 5 answers without a question.
    3- List 5 favorite List5 lists.
    4- List 5 out of the seven days of the week.
    5- List 5 reason why you don’t want to do Roach’s job for him.

  6. lena Says:

    list five blogs you religiously frequent
    list five people that never fail to make you feel depressed
    list five jobs you never want to have
    list five epicly awesome stories that you feel the world needs to hear (that don’t involve shaving cream and other various liquids and sliding down a college hallway). phew.
    list five reasons someone should read YOUR blog, if you have one. 😀

    jesus. this IS hard.

  7. Eva Says:

    -things you think about at night before falling asleep
    -things you’re good at, but wish you weren’t
    -personal records
    -lists you keep
    -the titles of books you’d like to write

  8. Brandon "Coach" Acker Says:

    1. 5 biggest regrets
    2. 5 favorite drinking spots
    3. 5 favorite TV shows
    4. 5 comfort foods you eat
    5. 5 things you say on a daily basis.

  9. bg5000 Says:

    How about “5 reasons Roach has been neglecting List 5”?.


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