Things you think about at night before you fall asleep.

October 24, 2008

Unlike most people I have nothing that resembles a regular sleep schedule. It happens when it happens and doesn’t sometimes when I want it to. Regardless, my superior intellect allows me to ponder (and sometimes solve) some of the most pressing issues of our time. Hmm…well that’s true if choosing between downloading a movie or a new album. Life or death decisions like that are very important. Here are a few more things I think about as I am slipping off into dreamland.

  1. “Did I close my computer?” – I sleep with it in my bed, and often fall asleep with it open. It basically contains my entire life on it so I make sure it’s closed in case it falls off of the bed. How many times have I slept with it open? dozens. how many times has it actually fallen off of the bed? None to date, but paranoia is a gift of mine.
  2. “What do I want to listen to?” – My iPod is a staple of my sleep routine especially when sleeping in unfamiliar environments. Being able to put myself in a positive mood makes me much more relaxed as I enter my sweet slumber state.
  3. “Did I accomplish everything I wanted today?” – The answer to this question in inevitably no (especially recently when updating this blog was on the list) but that never stops me from evaluating the day’s process. Sometimes I knock off more on my to do list than others, but assessing them at the end of the day allows me to acknowledge my wins no matter how small.
  4. “What do I need to do tomorrow?” – As hard as it may be to believe, I don’t keep a daily to do list. What I do is think about the things that I need to remember the next day and just think about it over and over again telling myself to not forget about it. Of course writing it down on a piece of paper would be loads easier, but my life isn’t about easy. I try to make things as difficult as possible because I need things to challenge my awesometicity.
  5. “Is my nose going to bleed on that.” – Mostly a recent thought in the past few months since I have begun to have nosebleeds on a regular basis. they have been triggered by my hemmoraging of weight like a hemophiliac hemmorages blood. Waking up with a runny nose that turns out to be a bloody nose is far from my ideal morning, yet it happens.

Chuck Klosterman actually wrote a book about the thoughts he has right before bed if this kind of thing interests you. HIs take on pop culture is worth a look. ist 5 things you think about at night before you fall asleep.


7 Responses to “Things you think about at night before you fall asleep.”

  1. onewandering Says:

    1. “Did I set my alarm? For what time?” — I cannot stress how many times I check, because too often I either a) set the time but forget to turn the alarm ON, b) turn the alarm #2 on when alarm #1 is set for when I want to get up, or c) push the button too far over and set the alarm to music (I get no radio stations in my room) instead of buzzer, therefore setting myself up to sleep in. Oops.

    2. “Where’s the cat? Is she still wearing her e-collar?” — Miss Kitty wears an Elizabethan collar 24/7, and I need to make sure she hasn’t slipped out of it. Other than that, I almost always see her right before I go to sleep, and I give her a few treats. It’s our nightly ritual.

    3. “Did I close the door to the bathroom?” — I can’t stand the sound of a single clock ticking – it’ll keep me up all night and the wall clock on my bathroom is loud, so I have to close the door. Have to.

    4. “What do I have to do tomorrow?” — Usually followed by turning the light back on and writing something down. I always keep a pad of paper and a pen on the nightstand. And I usually have to “dump” my mental to-do list to paper or I can’t sleep.

    5. “Damn. Now I’m not tired anymore.” — Followed by hours of just laying there, turning the light back on and reading until I pass out, or getting up and doing something, anything, that was already on my to-do list to do before walking out the door in the morning. (Knowing that whatever I accomplish that night WILL NOT speed things up in the morning; I’ll still be late.)

  2. bess Says:

    1. I should clean my room – Stuff is heaped everywhere. Clothes, boxes, bags, shoes, suitcases. But the boxes and suitcases are actually functional. It’s where I heap my clothes.

    Actually, the whole system works for me. I’m a very “out of sight, out of mind person” so it helps to have everything at my fingertips. Even if it means encountering the occasional spider at the bottom of a pile of pants.

    2. I wish I didn’t have to pee so much – It’s rare that I make it through an entire movie without having to go. The large Diet Pepsi doesn’t help. Why buy it? Because I’m OCD and I get fidgety without it. The worst is when your bladder wakes you up early in the morning or just before the alarm goes off (you might think that’s repetitive, but lately I’ve been setting my alarm for 11 or 12). For me, this is inevitable. Sometimes I try keeping my eyes shut, or at least half open, to avoid becoming completely awake, but it never works. The few times I have successfully kept my eyes closed for most of the process, I stubbed my toe on the way back to bed and woke up anyway.

    3. I hope this computer doesn’t die like my last one – I also sleep with my computer on my bed. It’s comforting, like a grown up version of a stuffed animal. Anyway, this computer, like my last one, is a hand-me-down and has of late developed an attitude. It refuses to update itself properly and is picky about which websites to load. My oldest brother is working with me to prevent another blue screen of death incident. Hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.

    4. Whatever happened to / Where is my … (insert name of lost object here) –
    Usually it’s keys or my cell phone, stuff I’m around all the time, but every now and then I randomly think, “Whatever happened to my Math Superstar t-shirt?” or “Where is my car insurance?”

    5. Is the fight happening under my window interesting enough to warrant getting out of bed? – I live in a pretty safe neighborhood, but there is a strip joint at the end of the block and people do tend to drink in it. Jumbo’s Clown Room, it’s called. I’ve heard everything from “I told you, I left a message!” to “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM MY SHOE!!” There’s also this guy across the street who yells obscenities and likes to throw things. I called the cops on him once, because it sounded like he was beating his girlfriend, but the cops said he lives with his mom and has Tourettes syndrome. I’ll always be glad I got out of bed for that one.

  3. Brian Eldridge Says:

    1.) “Can I call in tomorrow?” I think about that almost every night because I truly hate PART of my job. The sales part is great, but the rest sucks. So I have to think about that.

    2.) “What am I wearing to work?” I usually try to figure out what I want to wear to work so that way I don’t have to think about it when I get up in the morning.

    3.) “What is this on TV?” I usually fall asleep with the TV on. I try to go to sleep with something that I can actually enjoy watching on TV. It helps me sleep to be enjoying myself as I pass out.

    4.) “Do I have something to drink?” I usually have some water next to my bed so I can sip on it in my sleep. I have issues with my throat getting dry. So I drink water to help with that.

    5.) “What do I have to do tomorrow?” Aside from work, I try to think of what other things I have to do the next day. Normally it’s just go to work and the every day tasks that the next day bring. Rarely anything major.

  4. Katy Says:

    1. Did I lock the front door?
    2. Did I lock my car?

    Inevitably, as I lay down to bed I have complete memory failure as to whether I accomplished 1 & 2 before lying down. This means that I absolutely can not go to sleep until I get up, check the front door, pick up my car keys, peek out the front window, set the alarm and watch the yellow lights flash on my car, and then finally go back to bed.

    3. I should have laid down an hour ago when I was actually sleepy, now I’m wide awake.

    4. Where is my phone?

    Usually I gather this when checking the front door and locking the car, but sometimes I forget and have to get out of bed (again) to find the phone and put it on my night stand.

    5. On Sunday’s and Wednesday’s is the thought “Seriously, trash pick up at midnight (sometimes 2 a.m.)?? Can’t this be accomplished during waking hours?”

  5. lena Says:

    1. ‘If I set my alarm a half-an-hour later, will I still get to work on time?’ – I don’t actually like my job, go figure. It doesn’t excite me to have to get up early and be the first one there.

    2. ‘Did I turn the heat down?’ – I have a nasty habit of leaving the heater on up really high and waking up at three in the morning with my blankets on the floor but my very thin layer of clothing making me warm.

    3. ‘Do I have to wake Jeff up in the morning?’ – My boyfriend doesn’t like getting up in the morning. I’m his alarm clock. I always have to check to see if I’m waking him up or not because his work schedule changes.

    4. ‘Did I finish my homework?’ – Senior undergrad year. 480-500 level classes. I worry sometimes that I’ve forgotten some assignment or something. This usually hits right before bed and then I have to check my planner and my binder to make sure. Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness. I think Stephen King said that.

    5. ‘What am I going to read?’ – I think that with a smile on my face. Because I’m a bibliophile and reading to me is on the same awesome level as sleeping after a long day.

  6. jenny Says:

    1-why did i just NOW decide to go to bed?- too many hours of work per day, all week, we (most crew members I know) end up trying to convince our clocks that there are 27 hours in a day. That we do, in fact, have time to have a beer and relax before forcing ourselves under the covers.

    2-is this enough time to get to work if someone is changing a tire on the side of the road, causing the stupidest traffic delay ever?

    3-how did that cluster@#&% happen?-usually some unforeseen lighting or schedule change that inevitably turns my entire department upside down

    4-how long til my next trip to Bama?-my partial sanity returns on these trips…I worked straight through the time I usually go back over the summer. I’m in desperate need of karaoke,

    5-should I pee now or use it as motivation to yank myself out of bed at that ungodly hour my alarm is set for?

  7. jessica Says:

    most of the time, i’m trying NOT to think of anything when finally convince myself to hop into bed. otherwise, i’ll be up for hours on the random thought train. these are my most frequent fellow passengers:

    1. are the doors locked? usually followed by my walking briskly to the door to complete my “touch the lock, tug the doorknob” routine. you know, because the mere sight of the deadbolt being obviously locked isn’t enough.

    2. i hope lydia stays asleep. a lot of times, my daughter sleeps in the bed with me and my husband. usually because her bed and/or floor is completely covered in toys and we’d just be asking for a late night injury if we left her in there. she’s been on a more regular schedule lately (i work the swing shift), but sometimes she’ll wake up when i get to bed (around 3 am) and refuse to go back to bed until dawn.

    3. maybe i won’t dream about spiders. i hate spiders. loathe, detest, whatever. they torment every aspect of my existence with their heinous disregard for my crippling fear of them. the worst dream, and most frequent, is the one where millions of the tiny bastards climb up the walls and cover my ceiling, then start dropping one by one on my bed.

    4. when is wally coming to bed? my husband stays up much later than i do most nights playing call of duty or having an anxiety attack- it varies. sometimes, i’ll wake up for a daybreak bathroom call and he will still be awake flipping through channels.

    5. i wish i had more money/ how can i legally obtain more money? my husband is currently in school and my house-hubby, so we’re “living” on my meager income. we also have a three-year old daughter, and things like nutrition and clothing and safe housing are necessary to raise a healthy, happy child. the problem is, these things are expensive. not to mention all of our other expenses, and occassionally, i enjoy spending money on unnecessary fun things like beer.


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