Blogs I read and people I know

This is a list of blogs I read, people I know, and people who have linked my blog.

You Are Here – Katie G.’s Take on life as she lives it.
GateTree – MikeRay just stamping out ignorance as best he can.
Killer Heels – Amy’s a chemist and preparing for a September wedding.
One Wandering – Jennifer’s the one who from this life pilfers small measures of time to walk without purpose. To embrace the textures, colors and sounds of this world. To delight in the small details that are revealed only to one who meanders. Wanderer.
Word Perv – Courtney started this blog because she needed a creative outlet. Spending 9+ hours in a gray cubicle leaves little room for creativity.
Division of Labour – Art is a regular contributor to this economics geared blog that also has other interesting stories.
Hellblazer – Will kicks ass and yours may be one of them if you don’t watch your mouth.
Eldridge Books – Brian wrote a novel and you should check it out.
Ashley Jasman Photography – Ashley is a Birmingham area photographer. Check her out if you need some professional photos.
Sink Into The Pacific – BOOTH! He’s the one on the right.
BG5000 – BG keeps me up to speed on what’s cool.
The Wayward Hatch – Hatch likes caves and loves his family.
The Frowning of a Lifetime – Bill draws comics, loves music, his girlfriend, his friends & his cat Buttons. Be weary if he offers you tea.
Hawk and Sabre – The Peak is part of this Halo 2 clan that’s been transformed into a real life group of friends.
Scrumdidlyump – Katie’s a gnarly nanny by day and an artist extraordinaire nights and weekends.
Grosely Clerx – Luggage Monkey is quite the yarn spinner with a love for mead matched only by his love for his significant other.
The Adventures of Lily Bug and Queen Angela – Angela’s blog has a little bit about her, a whole lot about Lily and a glimpse into the life of best friends.
Lost, Not Found – Has good taste in music and movies to go along with her book reviews.
2 A-Holes in Australia – Two Americans who are going to spend a year in Australia. They aren’t even gone yet, but have some of the funniest stories I have read in a while.
Nuggets of Gold – Stacy’s an American newspaper copy editor living in North Carolina after three years in Tokyo, Japan. I am also a writer for the Americana music blog. She’s also the sister-in-law of one of my best friends.
Girl in a Party Hat – Amy Silverman’s blog about her daughter Sophie. Listen to her story on “This American Life”.
Termination Date – Lauren is a journalist and writer living in Chicago, though recently unemployed. Her blog chronicle her efforts to get re-employed or at least to eke out a living.
Haute Pocket – Haute makes me laugh at least once per day.


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