Q: Isn’t this a rip-off of High Fidelity?

A: No. High Fidelity had only Top 5 lists. These are just general lists that could be favorite or worst, so in that way they are different. What do you care anyway? Just answer the damn questions.

Q: What if I can’t come up with 5 items?

A: No worries. List as many as you can and we will go from there.

Q: This seems a lot like Post Secret. Did you steal this idea from them?

A: Shut your face. This is nothing like Post Secret. Lists are not secrets, unless it’s a list about secrets. In that case yes, we are like Post Secret. As of now, there are no lists about secrets, so no we are not like Post Secret.

Q: What makes this idea different?

A: Nothing.

Q: Where did you really get the idea?

A: When I sent an email with a list of 5 things I was thankful for to seven different people. I figured I would make the process easier and just put it here.

Q: Can you do an RSS feed so we get updates whenever you have new questions?

A: https://list5.wordpress.com/feed

Q: Do you have to respond on the same day as the question or will I be able to go back and answer these seven months from now?

A: You can go back at anytime and answer any question. The comments will be left open.

Q: You seem to have lots of stories involving alcohol. What’s up with that?

A: My friends and I enjoy having a good time, and that often involves alcohol. In no way do I think it is required for a fun time, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt.

Q: This is a pretty paltry FAQ section, why aren’t there more questions?

A: Didn’t I already tell you to shut your face? It’s because nobody has asked them yet.


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