See What You’ve Missed

  1. Things you are thankful for.
  2. Of your guiltiest guilty pleasures.
  3. Memorable kisses.
  4. Stories involving vomit.
  5. Unexpected essentials.
  6. Wonderful gifts you’ve received.
  7. Memorable dates for all the right reasons.
  8. Things you want to experience before dying.
  9. Condiments you enjoy.
  10. Stories involving fire.
  11. Things in homes that make you secretly judge the owner.
  12. Scars on your body.
  13. Ways you’d rather spend $4 than on a gallon of gas.
  14. Albums representative of your collection.
  15. Strange work occurrences.
  16. Things you’ll never understand.
  17. Articles of clothing you enjoy wearing.
  18. People you’ve handwritten letters.
  19. Items in your wallet.
  20. Websites you like to visit.
  21. Songs you have listened to more than four times in a row.
  22. Places you’ve slept other than a bed.
  23. Fashion trends you wish would go away.
  24. Things you learned from a vacation.
  25. Movies you could watch every week.
  26. Things you learned from 80s rock songs.
  27. Dreams you’ve abandoned.
  28. Weddings you attended.
  29. Run-ins you’ve had with police.
  30. Foods you could (or do) eat everyday.
  31. Words or phrases you like.
  32. Dreams you still hold on to.
  33. Songs that best describe you.
  34. Ways I should spend my birthday.
  35. Memorable dances.
  36. Dates memorable for all the wrong reasons.
  37. Worthwhile Causes.
  38. Commercials you like.
  39. Stories involving urine.
  40. Super powers you wish you had.
  41. Positive smells ingrained into your mind.
  42. College or college age (18-22) memories.
  43. Reasons to vote for Roach as Vice President.
  44. Interesting facts about TV shows you watched as a child.
  45. Issues you want addressed in this election.
  46. Fictional characters you want to be.
  47. Things you would change about yourself.
  48. Current TV shows you never miss an episode of.
  49. Things you’d do with only 24 hours to live.
  50. People you wish were a little less alive.
  51. Search terms leading people to this site.
  52. Other people running hopeless campaigns.
  53. Song remakes you enjoy.
  54. Song remakes that disgust you.
  55. Historical figures you’d like to meet.
  56. College football predictions/observations.
  57. Memorable cries.
  58. Celebrity twins separated at birth.
  59. Ways I’m helping the environment.
  60. Things that will make me judge you even if they shouldn’t.
  61. Fashion trends from the 80/90s you’re glad are back.
  62. Works of literature you suggest others read.

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