Reader Music Choices

Roach’s Songs:

Brian’s Songs:

Tony Grenade’s Songs:

JR’s Songs:

Jennifer’s Songs:

Derrick’s Songs:

Billy’s Songs:

Sorry, here’s more since it’s not a top 5 I feel obliged to force my likes on everyone.

Sorry, had to do a few more.


2 Responses to “Reader Music Choices”

  1. billy Says:

    To go with “Tyler” from the Toadies, here are a few more stalking songs:

    Passenger – Night Vision Binoculars — It’s a pretty catchy tone. Plus it talks about restraining orderes in such a fun & up beat way.

    Clay Aiken – Invisible — That’s right. I have nightmares some nights that Clay is actually ‘a fly on my wall’. I did not know the power of invisibility came with the ability pass on one’s genetic material via a cup.

    Police – Every Breath You Take — The classic stalker song. At least with this one your stalker is in to tantric sex.

  2. billy Says:

    More fun stuff:

    Amos Lee – I have to credit “House” for finding this one.

    Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight –

    Black River –

    Colors –

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