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Songs you want played at your funeral.

October 8, 2008

Hopefully this event will take place later rather than sooner, but in my opinion it is never too early to start planning. Who am I kidding? Anyone who knows me personally knows that planning is pretty much my kryptonite. It saps all of my energy and is an effort in futility when I am the one doing the planning. In any event, some of the songs I want played have been in other lists so I won’t include them in the five, but they are definitely worth noting. “Spiritual” by Johnny Cash (things you want to experience before dying) would be at the top of this list because it just sounds like an appropriate song to play in that circumstance, “Bold as Love” by Jimi Hendrix would be appropriate because it’s my favorite song, and Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” (songs I have listened to more than four times in a row) and Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” (guiltiest guilty pleasures) make the list because people need to be dancing and having fun as well. Enough of what’s not on the list, here are the songs that made it: Read the rest of this entry »


Songs you have listened to more than four times in a row.

July 16, 2008

Because of the popularity of the last music post (and because I’ve had a difficult time writing an entry today) I decided to go in that direction again. “But Roach, the more music posts you have the more you seem like Rob Gordon from that movie.” Shut your stupid face. I will reiterate that I am attempting to come up with 365 lists. Do you know how many that is? It’s 18 times what I have already done. Wait a minute. If I word it that way it doesn’t seem too bad. Whatever. Writing that much, often about things I am not particularly fond of, is still a daunting task.

Music for me is what accentuates my mood. Whether I’m happy listening to Miley Cyrus rock out or listening to shoot yourself in the face sad bastard music as I cry myself to sleep, the music I choose amplifies whatever I feel. Before athletic events I would always listen to hardcore gangsta rap to get amped up and have my adrenaline flowing when the game started. In college I would often listen to a Danzig tune to get my blood pumping through my veins as I prepped for a night of hardcore drinking with God’s Army. Everyone of us has liked a song, or needed a song, enough to listen to it on repeat. The question is what songs have you listened to more than four times in a row. Ten were on my initial list, but I have managed to whittle them down to these 5: Read the rest of this entry »