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Super powers you wish you had.

August 11, 2008

When you grow up watching cartoons, reading comic books, and seeing movies where the main character has super powers you tend to think about which ones you would want. Do you remember seeing the x-ray vision glasses that were sold on the back of comics? Those pieces of shit weren’t worth the shipping they cost to send them. Why weren’t they sued for false advertising? I was depending on them to help me see girls underwear on the playground. Finally realizing that you will never have the ability to run faster than a speeding locomotive may prove devastating to your young 22 year-old self. Let’s just say I held onto that dream longer than I should have. After looking over the list it occurred to me I’d most likely be a super villain rather than a super hero. Then again, super villain might be a bit harsh. It’s not like I’d try to take over the world, just the local bowling alley. Super prankster. Now there is a more apt description. Here are some more of my top superpowers: Read the rest of this entry »